Joyful Christmas Celebration (update)

Hi Everybody!

Merry Christmas!

Madelu and I participated in a joyous event sponsored by Madelu’s non-profit organization, Fundacion Conexion Vital.

We are so grateful that the two local restaurants generously donated delicious meals for this elaborate event: namely, Coo Coo’s Nest and Solid Rock.

The event brought together approx 180 of the very poor, elderly, indigenous. The local Cotacachi municipality provided the venue with tents and chairs, and arranged for Santa Claus’s arrival in a wagon pulled by three large, cooperative mules. They also arranged for Spanish Christmas music and a synchronized dance by a group of lovely young indigenous girls.

The wagon was carrying a generous supply of candy bags supplied by the Fundacion, and these were handed-out at the conclusion of the festivities.

It was a heart-warming and fun celebration, and we hope to do more of these in the future!


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  1. Hi Tim! Thanks for the post. I am currently in Cotacachi myself and was helping out at the Place of Hope kitchen I think onthe same day where we fed 87 people and had live music and generous gift baskets for all the seniors who attended. Cotacachi is truly a place of giving during the holoday season.

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