Please Read

How to post an article:
Select the “Post Article” option at the top of the site. A new page will open with a form to post.
Enter a title- usually a subject of your post.
Then select a category where you want it to go.
Start typing……
You can edit the text style, font size, positioning, and insert hyperlinks into your post that become part of the post or you can upload an image using the upload feature below the text box. Images can be no bigger than 4000px wide.

Once you are happy with it, submit the post. It will immediately be added to the “Recent Posts” area and will show up in the “Categories” area as a new post.
Other users can view the post and submit comments. The posts can be viewed only if you are logged in.

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  1. This is a comment to the post. You can select to get an email with new comments or posts below. That way you know when someone has commented on your original post.

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