Anyway to allow the profiles to be longer than 180 characters.  I posted some info only to be rejected for its length.  I finally met the length requirement but it would have been so much more informative to have provided a little longer profile.

This forum is a great idea but it only works if people will make use of it and post.  Virtually none of the members have posted profiles.  Also, how many of the members actually live in Cotacachi?  For those who do, are there regularly scheduled expat get togethers?  If so, let us know.  I know that I will be in Cotacachi this coming year and would love to get together with some Cotacachians (is there such a word?)


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  1. Hi Lawrence,
    First off, thanks for coming back and having a look. You are correct in that for this site to become successful, people need to log in and post information and share experiences. As for the number of characters allowed in your Bio description, I will look into the code and see if I can make it larger – perhaps 250 characters?
    The site has been unused for over a year because the DNS was pointing to another format of the site which nobody bothered to sign in. This particular design was the first and many people on the Cotacachi Facebook page were able to sign in before my post was deleted by an admin because they didn’t like the fact I was providing something that was seen as competition.
    This is a hobby of mine and I have no ulterior motive other than to provide a different medium for people to connect.
    Since bringing this site back to life yesterday, it has been bombarded with spam registrations – over 20 in the first few hours. Of course, the bots can’t become members without clicking on the link in the authorization email the system sends out. I can see the emails that get bounced, and just have to log into the back end and delete those still waiting for authorization.

    My partner Giselle and I have been to Cotacachi several times over the past few years with extended stays last February and the year before. We plan to retire there permanently in the near future. You can view our stories on my personal blog site at

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